A Star is Torn - Image of two people, a woman winking on the left with her hand to her ear and a man on the right in glasses and a black jacket and blue scarf

A Star is Torn

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Comedy
South Australia • Australian Premiere

Presented by: Greg Fleet

Stand-up comedy is internationally “sexier” than ever. And as the people appearing in the play are stand-up comics (as well as actors) it seemed a good bet.

The two leads are Greg Fleet, playing a one-time King of comedy who is brilliant but is gradually drinking and drugging his way out of the limelight. (It's hardly acting!)

Krutika Harale plays the young dynamo comic who is on her way up. The next big thing. She too is brilliant, but also kind, she is on her way to somewhere fabulous. (In my opinion, it's hardly acting!)

When they meet, sadness and laughter ensue. As both characters are successful comedians, the hilarity is genuine, but the heartbreak is devastating.

We hope you will come to the show and laugh…and laugh…and cry.

Presented by: Greg Fleet

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