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The Breakout at The Mill

The Mill, 154 Angas St, Adelaide, SA, 5000

Entrance to The Mill during Adelaide Fringe is via our Angas Street Exhibition Space.

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Coarse Language:

Frequent, Strong

Nudity Level:

Occasional, Mild

Sexual References:

Occasional, Strong

Other Warnings:

Loud noises, Mental Health, Sexual Assault, Suicide/Self Harm

About this event

She's been in the same room for a while now, and things are starting to get weird. Out of a smokescreen of dirty laundry and shaggy dogs, a mysterious voice challenges her to cut the bull. But can she work out how?
Does unravelling the truth mean unravelling herself in the process?
If the foundation of sanity is knowing fact from fiction, was it the outside world or her own brain that first started feeling a bit shaky?
When the hell is the sun going to come up?
Join emerging writer and performer Poppy Mee as she attempts to punchline her way through a very dark night of the soul.

Presented by:
Poppy Mee

Poppy Mee is an Adelaide-based actor and theatre-maker. This is her first solo theatrical work.
Adelaide College of Arts 2015-17
Fourth Monkey London alumnus, Year of the Monkey 2019-20
Stage credits include Rhinoceros, Also A Mirror, Out At Sea, The Girl Who Was 100 Girls (Urban Myth Theatre Company)
Screen credits include Lucy and DiC, Spellbound (We Made A Thing), Stateless (ABC)
Directing credits include Weepie (Urban Myth Theatre Company, Adelaide Fringe 2012) Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are..? (The Mill, Adelaide Fringe 2019)
Recipient of 2019-20 Carclew Fellowship and 7News Young Achiever Awards nominee for Carclew Creative Achievement Award.
Poppy is a proud Equity member.


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