Hew, a tall man in red tracks suit, wears a curly wig with a headband, he is holding a tennis racquet and looking especially angsty, behind projected onto a screen is the playing board of trivial pursuit, the board game.
Hew looks menacingly at the camera, he is half lit by the light of an overhead projector, he wears a red tracksuit. Behind him we see the image of a trivial pursuit board projected onto a screen
Hew sits looks lovingly and curiously at the projected image of a love heart but within it is the maple leaf of the Canadian flag.

A Not So Trivial Pursuit

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Clown
South Australia

The latest offering from Adelaide's master of the bittersweet comedy Hew Parham, Pursuit is his most wild and personal show yet.

Hew has a lot of questions and not a lot of answers. Trapped in a real-life game of Trivial Pursuit, ruled over by a psychotic rules Nazi, Hew must make his way through this game of life to find his missing pieces. Haunted by History, losing himself in Geography, Hew is aided by a Sporting legend and finds solace in Arts and Literature. Through his travels Hew ultimately lands in Central California where he finds his centre again in one of the most unlikely places. A madcap journey that is both profound and pure Entertainment. 

"Compelling, intriguing, deeply moving ★★★★" InDaily

"A journey of self discovery that is both bizarre and hilarious ★★★★" The Advertiser

Presented by: Hew Parham

Hew has developed several shows with his comedic characters such as: Giovanni which played at the New York Clown Theatre Festival; Odyssey Schmodyssey; Rudi’s The Rinse Cycle which played at The Adelaide Cabaret Festival; and The Riddalin Brothers with Callan Fleming. His epic cycling play Symphonie De La Bicyclette was premiered in Wollongong during the UCI World Cycling Championships.
Other credits includes: Sticks Stones Broken Bones (Bunk Puppets); The Weill File (Adelaide Cabaret Festival); The Swell Mob (Adelaide Cabaret Festival); Me and My Shadow (Patch Theatre Company); Superheroes (Stone/Castro); Blister by Sarah Peters (Holden Street Theatres).

He has also directed a number of shows including Egg (Erin Fowler, Adelaide Fringe) and Chameleon (Frank Theatre, Edinburgh Fringe).

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