Le Gateau Chocolat who is a 6 foot tall, plus sized drag queen with Black skin is dressed as a mermaid. Wearing a large red wig, bright rosy makeup, a red vinyl bikini, and green& blue sequin mermaid dress, while looking adoringly to the right with his hand reaching gently out. To his right, Jonny Woo, who is a 6 foot drag queen with white skin and a slim muscled body, wears a blonde choppy wig, electric blue eyeshadow, and only a small red speedo and matching red stiletto high heels. Jonny has a shocked look on his face as he is sandwiched between the mermaid and a grey rubber shark face which Jonny holds on his left hand like a puppet.
Jonny Woo wears a red speedo and shark mask, sitting on the lap of Le Gateau Chocolat who is dressed as a mermaid in blue green sequin fish tails. Font reads: "Think Little Mermaid Meets JAWS"
Jonny Woo appears to be screeching a loud note while Le Gateau Chocolat gives him serious sassy side eye. They both wear matching ginger-bob wigs and green dresses appearing as two Maria Von Trapps from The Sound Of Music. Font reads: "Drag Queens Extraordinaire" Five Stars

A Night At The Musicals 3: Summer Lovin Tour

Cabaret • Drag
United Kingdom • SA Premiere

‘The French and Saunders of Drag’ Le Gateau Chocolat and Jonny Woo are finally BACK and they're bringing a brand new show. Dragging you through all of their favourite musicals in a raucous night of ballsy ballads, delightful duets and slaughtered showtune singalong fun.

With bigger wigs, crazier costumes, more questionable choreography, and a mountain of laughs, this is one show you’ll be dragging your friends along to see again and again.

Think Little Mermaid meets JAWS... an absolute massacre!

So strap yourself in for a night of musical mayhem from your favourite drag duo.

"Stompalong Drag Fun." The Guardian

★★★★★ "Two amazing cabaret stars at the top of their game, having a mountain of fun." Out in Perth

★★★★ "DRAG ROYALTY" Stage


Presented by: Le Gateau Chocolat & Jonny Woo

Le Gateau Chocolat Ltd is a leading Black and LGBTQ+ led performance company supporting the works of award winning cabaret icon, Le Gateau Chocolat; who is one of the few performers in Britain with a significant and concurrent profile in multiple art forms, including drag, cabaret, opera, musical theatre, children’s theatre and live art. We believe in creating and holding space for otherness, diversity, intersectionality, and inclusivity, through creativity, conversation, collaboration and the power of live performance.

Jonny Woo is one of London’s most celebrated alternative cabaret artists, and the undisputed Queen of East London's queer scene. A trailblazing and accomplished performer, Woo supports many early-career queer artists with his variety performances and his venue The Glory.