A Murder Most Foul: Murder Mystery in the Sky

World Premiere
This award winning event is back with a classic Murder Mystery Dinner who-dun-it but this time with the new version that generates clues on the night specifically for the guests who are there. Join us on the maiden voyage of the 'AS Adelaide' (moored at the Adelaide oval) for a 4 course meal with your entertainment. Dress to impress.

"The world has been inspired by the re-invention of the modern Airship, with super affordable, super comfortable travel. The Air Ship Adelaide might take two days to get to London but who cares when everyone flies first class. We hope you will join the rest of the crowd taking to the skies dressing with glamour for their journey as was normal in day gone past (Victorian/Neovictorian (Steampunk), 30's and 50's dress are all popular).

Presented by: Red Fez Productions

Red Fez Concepts are producers and product designers who bring new and exciting concepts to the market. Our speciality is fusing two existing concepts and designs or adding new technology to an existing concept to produce something new and exciting. Sometimes we just fuse arts and science, business and science or arts and business together and enjoy the results.

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