Presenter, Rachel Rayner Science Explainer in red and blue lighting with a starry background
The Milky Way Galaxy as seen in optical light
The Milky Way Galaxy seen in radio waves

A Flying Photon

Comedy • Science
New South Wales

Go on a sparkling voyage to meet the tiny, tiny photon. Through humour and stars, uncover a bizarre piece of quantum mechanics which brings us both a sunset and the internet. 

Together we'll explore some of the best features in the cosmos, including our wonderfully radiating selves. You may end up celebrating colours of light you've never seen before. 

★★★★ "Rachel is blazing a trail with a new type of Fringe show." The Advertiser

★★★★ "Rachel fuses physics with theatre and comedy." In Daily 

★★★★ "Very rarely have I had the opportunity to say I walked away from a comedy show smarter than when I walked in, but that’s the gift Rachel gives you." The AU Review

"Rachel gives us something special. She shows how science can merge with theatre and poetry in a glittering journey." Weekend Notes

Winner Science at the Fringe Award presented by Inspiring SA 2022

Presented by: Rachel Rayner

Rachel Rayner is a science communicator, poet and performer who has written and presented shows throughout Australia, Vietnam, and South Africa. Her favourite show to write at the Discovery Science and Technology Centre, Bendigo, was “Grossology” despite her initial disgust. Her interest in everything has led her on some unusual adventures. Rachel was part of the Ocean Exploration Trust's Corps of Exploration, bringing oceanography to the world via live streams and broadcasts from the E/V Nautilus. She has also supported the launch of South Africa's MeerKAT (Phase 1 of the SKA project), presented science poetry at the National Arts Festival (South Africa) and published a paper on science poetry. She now tours her shows on the strange and wonderful in our Universe.

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