Ruby Red 'wanna be' diva standing in spotlight in front of the mic with hands up in the air
Ruby Red 'wanna be' diva on stage in the spotlight in front of the mic with hands out front
Ruby Red 'wanna be' diva standing on stage in spotlight in front of the mic with hands in the air.


Powerhouse performer Clare Elizabeth Dea stars in this hilarious cabaret that delves deep into the intoxicating allure of recognition. Grappling with post-wedding blues and the pressures of impending motherhood, 'wanna be' diva seeks solace in chocolate, Netflix & social media. 

But her true escape? This comedy show!

Let’s put all of us in the spotlight and jazz hands our way through rehab with some Liza Minnelli meets Brene Brown.

Inspired by Steven Spielberg's TV show 'Smash' and Clare's personal pregnancy journey, this solo show is a blend of Broadway hits, 12 step parodies & captivating storytelling.

Directed by Andi Snelling, 'A Drug Called Fame' promises a rollercoaster of emotions, from laughter to tears, and moments that'll make you exclaim, "Did she really just say that."

Cabaret • Comedy

Mon, 11 Mar - Sun, 17 Mar

60 min

Dom Polski Dwa at Dom Polski

$35 to $38

M (2 Warnings)

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