Girl with face paint looks out into the distance.
Easter bouquet of spheres casting shadows against pink background.
Woman with blonde bob viewed in profile against deep red background.

A Double Feature

Pheobe Tosolini and John Dow, hailing from different backgrounds and using contrasting approaches, share an unwavering passion for their craft that is both inspiring and captivating.
Pheobe, a portrait artist, possesses an uncanny ability to bring life to her canvases, through deep connection to emotion.  Her portraits capture physical likeness and soulful essence of her subjects. With intricate brushwork and a keen eye for detail, Pheobe's work has the power to leave a lasting imprint on the mind.
John is a still life painter who has carved out a niche for himself by breathing life into ordinary objects. What sets John apart is his confident brushwork, resulting in a purposefully controlled energy. His work balances colour and design seamlessly to produce enigmatic and often quirky work.

Visual Arts and Design • Painting
South Australia

Sat, 24 Feb - Sun, 17 Mar

3 hr to 4 hr

Bapea Gallery

Free Event (No Tickets Needed)


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