Morgan James is star jumping behind the Circus Sized Game Show Logo. He's flanked by numerous award laurels.
Morgan James is about to perform his world famous Diabolo routine
Morgan James is holding out a hat to the audience to pick a number to find out the next act.

A Circus Sized Game Show

Step right up to A Circus Sized Game Show, the One-Of-A-Kind Choose-Your-Own-Adventure spectacle in the iconic Vault. Hosted by the Multi-Award-Winning One-Man-Circus himself, the incredible Morgan James! Get ready for an unpredictable, Laugh-Out-Loud adventure that’s different every time!

You choose the acts, play the games and win the prize of an unforgettable unique show! 

Morgan James is renowned for his ability to entertain audiences of all ages as he guides you through a show filled with surprises and laughter with his fusion of circus artistry, larrikin comedy, and audience participation. This family-friendly showman is one of the highest-awarded family entertainers in Australia.

This is THE family experience you can't afford to miss during this Fringe season! ★★★★★

Circus • Childrens
Western Australia • SA Premiere

Sat, 16 Mar - Sun, 17 Mar

60 min

The Vault at Fool's Paradise

$25.50 to $30

G (3 Warnings)

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