Salt Glaze Vase by Sandy Lockwood
Shino tea bowl by Sandy Lockwood
Wood fired Sculpture by Sandy Lockwood

A Certain Aesthetic

Sandy Lockwood's studio is located in the Southern Highlands of NSW. An environment that reveals weathered textures, and patterns and colours to stimulate a visual and complex web of ideas that is inspiration for any potter. From 1980, Lockwood has developed a strong relationship with clay, focusing on its fluidity and tactile qualities and also sees the importance of the firing process of her wood and salt fired kilns, of which she has several. This combination of fire, clay and glaze, enhances her forms and reveals in her work, a myriad of textures and colours that expresses both movement and stillness that echo the natural world and provide a testament to the effects of time. Lockwood is one of Australia's pre-eminent potters who's works are in many recognised international collections.

Leave plenty of time to come and view this most engaging exhibition of ceramics. Your mind will be puzzled and soul refreshed as you mingle thru these wood fired and salt glazed works in a gallery that is located in an Australian mallee setting.

Visual Arts and Design
New South Wales • Adelaide Fringe Premiere

Sat, 17 Feb - Sun, 03 Mar

5 hr

Gallery J on Lincoln

Free Event (No Tickets Needed)


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