A Butterfly Effect

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Performance
What if you'd said yes to that date? What if you'd passed on that job? What if... one small decision changed the rest of your life?

Five friends face the ups and downs, the if-onlys, the coulda-shoulda-wouldas. As the ripples of consequence expand outward, who will find happiness, who will be left alone, and who will change everything to follow their dreams?

A show for everyone who ever wished they could snatch back the words that just came out of their mouth.

The 2015 sell-out show returns in 2019 with a brand new cast.

"Extraordinary. Deftly weaves narrative... stage presence is fully open and honest." - TheatreReview, New Zealand.

Presented by: First Draft

First Draft is a group of performers drawn together by a shared love of honesty and vulnerability in storytelling. From all over Melbourne, this group has come together to devise and perform spontaneous, lively theatre.