A renaissance painting of a woman with pale skin with a blank expression on her face. She has long brown hair and she is wearing a red dress that sits off the shoulder.
The image features three individual paintings of Renaissance women displayed diagonally across from left to right. The text on the bottom right corner reads, 'Women Composers of the Renaissance & Baroque' in yellow text. The background of the image is maroon red.
An image of Beatritz de Dia on the left hand side. The text on the right hand side reads, ‘Beatritz, Comtessa de Dia (fl. 1175-1212?)’ ‘Renowned Italian trobairitz (female troubadour)’ in yellow text. The background of the image is maroon red.

900 Years of Women Composers

Music • Classical
South Australia • World Premiere
Share in one of history's best kept secrets! Women have been composing beautiful music for 1000s of years, yet much has been hidden away until recently. Join Lumina for a showcase of choral music across the centuries. We start in the medieval era with C12 visionary Hildegard of Bingen & C13 Comtessa de Dia, then moving to the Renaissance with Maddalena Casulana and Vittoria Aleotti. Next stop the Baroque with music by Lucretia Vizana and Barbara Strozzi; then classical composer Maria Perucona and Romantic composers Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel, Clara Schumann, Melanie Bonis and Catharina van Rennes. We end with contemporary works celebrating Australian landscape and culture by Clare Maclean, Anna Pope, Rachel Sag & Saam Thorne. Due to COVID, there will be one performance only. Don't miss it!

Presented by: Lumina Vocal Ensemble

Founded in 1999, Lumina specializes in discovering and performing music that is rarely heard. Ranging from medieval gems to masterpieces of the Renaissance & later, Lumina has also established a niche nurturing Australian composers, including performing dozens of world premieres.
Based in Adelaide, Lumina has developed an international following via recordings and the internet. With 8 CDs published & over 200 tracks available online, Lumina is listened to by 100s of people every day & has over 1.7m views on YouTube. Medieval works are most popular, but contemporary Australian music is also getting steady exposure. This is what Lumina is about – sharing wonderful music with the world, seeking out moments of magic, challenging listeners with new ideas, & giving composers a new voice.

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