Conversation with the Controversial Squatter

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Comedy
World Premiere
An epic tale of national significance, involving the Public Trustee, law firms, legal experts and common people, in a battle through the legal concept of adverse possession which has not been challenged in a court since 1955. In June 2015, enterprising local film maker Iain Herridge discovered the abandoned property. Iain researched the provenance of the property and the legal concept of adverse possession, contacted several officials of the Adelaide Hills Council and the Office of the Public Trustee under the premise of using it as a location for a film production. The impact that this process has had on Iain cannot be ignored. It has polarised his community, galvanising some into protest and alienated him in some respects. The presence of a squatter in such an affluent electorate has become a political football. This story featured in Channel Ten’s The Project. Every night Iain will be in conversation with a guest (lawyers, neighbours...) and the audience, in a casual setting. Featuring Iain Herridge the artist formerly known as the ‘Carey Gully Squatter’

Presented by: Pie Floater Productions

Iain Herridge is an Actor, Director and Stuntman

Even though a child could watch it, the topic is definitely more suited for adults.