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2019 WATER WAYS - Event image

About this event

Earth's waters are connected in a vast cycle capable of recording and demonstrating eons of change.

Six artists explore water's states, impact and personal connection through very different mediums and styles.

Participating artists: Catherine Fitz-Gerald, Keren Seelander, Rod Bax, Ursula Kiessling, Margaret Ambridge and photographer Mark Fitz-Gerald

Presented by:
Catherine Fitz-Gerald

Curator Catherine Fitz-Gerald has gathered a collection of six very different visual artists to explore water - it’s different manifestations and impacts. Water is an essential element to life, central to human civilization and research is now confirming how important it is to our mental state and psyche.
Catherine Fitz-Gerald’s abstractions investigates water’s capacity for change; naïve artist Ursula Kiessling explores water’s absence in the desert outback; Keren Seelander’s expressive mixed media work delves into water as symbolic of the internal journey; Rod Bax studies the wetlands of the south in luminous paintings; Margaret Ambridge’s charcoals link the human use of water to a sense of place while Mark Fitz-Gerald photographs portraits of water making it's way in it's own time.

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