1925 - Two men look to the side, wearing suits


The year is 1925.

The world is born anew in the aftermath of the Great War, the "Jazz Age" is in full swing and the Burton Brothers do another sketch comedy show. 

Button up your glad rags and feast your peepers on this petting pantry! It's the only sketch comedy show set entirely in the year 1925!

The Burton Brothers return with their fourth original show - now in technicolor! With sound to boot! 

The old meets the new as the Brothers take their unique sketch comedy style and play it to the tune of the roaring 20s!

“If you don’t enjoy this show you’re either dead or dead to me.” David Collins, Umbilical Brothers

“One of the strongest duos in Australian entertainment today” Farrago Magazine

★★★★★ Funny Tonne


Comedy • Sketch show
Victoria • World Premiere

Mon, 04 Mar - Sun, 17 Mar

60 min

The Chapel at The Courtyard of Curiosities at the Migration Museum (+1 more)

$25 to $28

M (1 Warning)

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