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Scaled 1900 lisa skye adlfringe image

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Directed by Candy Bowers

Before Tinder, how did straight guys hassle ladies? Skye worked for a phone dating agency in the early 2000s. She has stories so scary and silly they'll curl your eyelashes. But when finding love with other femmes in 2019, is she any better?

Praise for Lisa-Skye:
★★★★½ Adelaide Advertiser
★★★★ HeraldSun
★★★★ Theatre People
★★★★ Harlot Overdrive
"You'll cry laughing" Volume Media.
"A night of wild laughter, cheeky tales and the most delightful of performers" Aussie Theatre.
"Does away with every expectation I've ever had put upon me...amazing" Art Murmurs.
"Unmissable" Ticketmaster Blog.
"Captivating...psychotropic storytelling in which she has no equal" Gutter Culture
"Like sitting in front of a campfire, but the campfire is softly spitting rainbow candies into your lap" FringeFeed.

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