10 Years from now…

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Flinders University Victoria Square

182 Victoria Sq, Adelaide, SA, 5000

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About this event

Exhibiting the works of a select few artists this exhibition, curated by Erin O'Donohue, questions what the artists lives will look like in ten years' time? What do they dream about? What symbolises their life goals?

Looking towards the future is often a scary prospect, but it is a way for us to realise our dreams; to prioritise our wants, and to focus and make them a reality. Whether it be a daydream or a motivational tool this exercise in realisation, in league with this exhibition, aims to reaffirm what we want and need out of life. And hopefully extends the question to the audience.

Presented by:
Flinders University

Flinders is a leading international university in Australia with a record of excellence and innovation in teaching.

English and Visual Arts graduate from Flinders University Erin O’Donohue is an art curator who likes to incorporate a level of storytelling in her exhibitions. Having studied comic memoirs through her honours year, the prospect of being able to tell a story through a collection of images drives her to use ideas that will tell important stories in an interesting way. Erin has also recently been the recipient of the Helpmann Academy’s Curatorial Fellowship in conjunction with The Centre for Creative Health. The Fringe exhibition ‘10 years from now…’ will be her fourth exhibition.

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