10 PM DARK Comedy - dark comedy

10 PM DARK Comedy

Dark and Filthy jokes from all around the world – comedy at its best.
Brace yourself for a night of gut-wrenching laughter as fearless comedians delve into the darkest corners of humour, exploring the morbid, the taboo, and the downright offensive.
No topic is off-limits in this no-holds-barred plunge into the abyss of comedic brilliance, where the laughter is as pitch-black as the Aussie night.
Do you have what it takes not to get offended?

Comedy • Stand-up
Australia • World Premiere

Fri, 16 Feb - Sat, 16 Mar

50 min

Comedy Hub at ibis Bar/Restaurant - Grenfell st

$14.90 to $27

R18+ (3 Warnings)

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