A depiction of an Indian James Bond who was titled "Clever and Sharp witted" with 4 stars ★★★★ by Fringefeed in 2023
Image of Shash performing at the Laugh Resort
Image of Shash performing at the popular Oasis Comedy Club

007 Shash Kapur - Quantum of MASALA

Shash would be the closest thing to James Bond if James Bond was born in India and is now a proud Aussie Citizen.

Described by his parents as "their retirement plan" and by Fringefeed as "a name Australia should watch out for", Shash is back this Fringe with a new family-friendly comedy show.

With funny stories on learning the Aussie slangs, reverse adoption and dealing with racism the Aussie way, this Indian prodigy brings you his HEAVY DUTY show.

So forget about Agent 007 and come watch Agent 7-Eleven.

This spy loves cooking jokes and biryani, do not miss out!!!

★★★★ " A must-see for families, suitable for all ages" Fringefeed, 2024
★★★★ "Clever and sharp witted" Fringefeed, 2023
RAW Comedy WA Finalist, 2022

Comedy • Stand-up
India • World Premiere

Fri, 01 Mar - Sun, 17 Mar

45 min




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