Tue, Aug 1 2023
Venue Registrations for the 2024 season of Adelaide Fringe are officially open.
A dimly lit venue with a row of people sitting in white chairs. There is two performers in the foreground. One raises their hands expressively.
Ephemera, Adelaide Botanic Gardens. Photo Missy Smiley 2023
With more than 500 venues registering across South Australia in 2023 offering a stage and platform to more than 6000 artists, registering your venue with Adelaide Fringe is a brilliant way to access the vast audiences of Adelaide Fringe and activate your space across February and March. 

Being an open-access festival means that anyone can register a Fringe Venue. It's not we choose you, it's you choose us, but the Fringe team are here to support you along the way. 

With one in every two South Australians attending Adelaide Fringe, registering as a venue is a great way to put your business or space in front of a local, national and international audience. 

Anyone and everyone can be involved – it doesn’t matter how big or small your venue is, whether you’ve got four walls made from bricks and mortar or you’re a temporary space (alleyway, pub, concert hall, library, laundromat or double-decker bus), you can create Fringe magic in whatever shape or form your venue takes on!

Adelaide Fringe offers various resources and events to support venues in finding artists and shows that can help program a space as well as market and promote a venue's involvement in Australia's biggest arts festival. 

The Adelaide Fringe encourages anyone who has been thinking about registering a venue in Fringe to jump online and register, or reach out to the Fringe office for more information. It’s completely cost free to register a venue with Adelaide Fringe. 

Registrations for 2023 Adelaide Fringe venues are open now, with the print deadline to have events listed in the iconic Adelaide Fringe guide closing October 18, 2023.
Register your venue for Adelaide Fringe 2024 HERE!