Insights from a University of Adelaide Alumna & Artist - Part 6

Thu, Aug 24 2023
Hello and welcome back to the final blog post of the series! The University of Adelaide has asked me how I see Adelaide making history amongst the global arts and culture industry.
An artist with long red hair sits in front of a piano smiling and playing.
Image supplied by artist
Whilst in Los Angeles last week, I was privileged enough to have experienced multiple invaluable life lessons which have influenced me as a vocal coach, cabaret artist, songwriter, and human being. One of the largest insights I learnt was the difference between American and Australian music industry cultures. In Australia, if an artist were to preach their artistic abilities, it would most likely be considered as arrogant, big headed or they’d be labelled with ‘tall poppy syndrome.’ In America, it is normalized for an artist to celebrate themselves and their abilities in a positive light, as self advocating is an expectation in the industry. I think both Australians and Americans can take a leaflet out of each other’s book, this is a balancing act between self-assertion and ego. 

Adelaide is celebrated as the ‘Festival State’ and is home to the Adelaide Fringe, Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Adelaide Film Festival, WOMADelaide Festival and many more! Despite Adelaide’s smaller population and fewer opportunities in comparison to Los Angeles, this city provides artists with a well-equipped playground to begin their artistic career in a safe environment. 

Having the second largest fringe festival accessible in our own backyard is empowering for any aspiring Aussie artist. Along with the convenient location, the Adelaide Fringe provides artists with the opportunity to present their work, collaborate, and network with creatives from around the globe annually. There aren’t that many places in the world that can offer that! 

Whether I’m on tour performing around Australia or networking with music industry professionals in Los Angeles, I always find myself reflecting on Adelaide with a deep sense of gratitude for its sweetness and sincerity. It’s a cute big country town where everyone knows everyone, and the city goes to bed at 9pm (except in February and March!) At times the simplicity of Adelaide drives me insane and I am eager to leave however, there’s a reason why Adelaide is a bit of an enigma to the rest of the world and I’m just grateful that I have experienced it first-hand.

If you have stayed on to read this entire blog series, thank you and I hope you’ve gained insight and clarity towards your own creative pathway endeavours. Feel welcome to DM me through Instagram @amelielottepeters if you have more questions or want to connect! Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be the one reading your blog post – let’s make history!