Insights from a University of Adelaide Alumna & Artist - Part 5

Fri, Jul 21 2023
Hello from Los Angeles and welcome back to blog post 5! Currently it’s day 4 of 10, at a music business and artist development camp in the LA hills. I’m literally adding international vocal coach to the CV as we speak! #pinchme
A lady in red hair points to a sign that reads 'Retail Reality.'
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Let’s dive into how universities play a role in shaping Adelaide's arts scene, and how by aligning yourself with an educational institution may be your next step. Think of universities as your nutrients, it’s high in knowledge, networks and skills that will help you grow into your strong artistic self. Whether your area of interest be painting, sculpture, music, theatre etc., university may be a core foundation within your artistic development and practice one day. In regards to where you source your nutrients, that part is up to you, and I recommend doing some thorough research before making a commitment. 

An arts degree in Adelaide isn’t just about the lectures, textbooks, practice, networking, and performances; it can provide an environment that nurtures your creative growth and encourages you to explore yourself as an artist more deeply than you could even comprehend. You will have access to facilities such as studios, practice rooms, performance spaces as well as a range of Australian experts in your field of interest. 

Pursuing a career in ✨the arts✨ can be a long and lonely road. Whilst you are responsible for being the driver of your own car, you do need someone you can trust to look at the map in the passenger seat to help you navigate your way from each destination. Universities have access to mentors, artists, professors, and industry professionals who can serve as your wise map navigating readers. When you take the wrong highway, run out of fuel or get a flat tyre, who are you going to turn to for help? Industry experts can provide insights, advice and valuable industry connections which could potentially elevate your career to new heights. 

One of the most important lessons I’ve learnt about artistry is a sense of community and collaboration. Who you choose to surround yourself with will influence your beliefs, values, and limitations. Adelaide can provide you with relationships and networking opportunities that can expose you to join fellow local artists, arts organisations, galleries, and performance venues. These connections are invaluable and may lead to opening doors at exhibitions, performances, and collaborations that help you establish your presence in the Adelaide arts scene. 

Being in Los Angeles these past few days has really opened my eyes to the difference in American artistic culture in comparison to Australia. I’ll delve a little more into this in our next (and final!) blog post. Adelaide is a small piece of the arts industry pie on a global scale, but it’s loving, warm and a safe place to start aligning your career with the right people.