The Power of Collaboration: Tour Ready Awards Catapult Fringe Artists Into New Festivals and Markets

Mon, Jan 8 2024
For many artists and participants each year at Adelaide Fringe, the opportunity to perform also presents an opportunity to workshop concepts and shows and develop new works. For others, it’s an opportunity to showcase a fully formed idea or a complete and tested work.
'The Ukulele Man Show', 'Live Laugh Lesbian', 'Hot Fat Crazy', and 'An Utterly Rubbish Adventure'
'The Ukulele Man Show', 'Live Laugh Lesbian', 'Hot Fat Crazy', and 'An Utterly Rubbish Adventure'
The Adelaide Fringe Tour Ready Awards are a prestigious recognition in the world of performing arts, awarded to artists who have delivered a show at the ‘tour ready’ level. As we celebrate our 2023 winners, it's crucial to understand how this award, supported by Fringe festivals across Australia and New Zealand, not only elevates artists but also fosters a vibrant, interconnected arts ecosystem.

A Tour Ready Award, sponsored by either Melbourne Fringe, Fringe World Perth, Sydney Fringe, or NZ Fringe, offers winners from the 2023 Adelaide Fringe free registration to come back and participate in the 2024 season, after completing their tours at the Fringe festival which sponsored their award. 

This award is a testament to the collaborative spirit that defines Fringe festivals. By supporting each other's artists, Fringe festivals don’t just acknowledge talent; they're actively investing in the cultural and creative growth of the artists. This cross-pollination of ideas and talents across different Fringe festivals enriches each event, bringing diverse perspectives and innovative performances to audiences worldwide.

The interconnectivity of Fringe festivals also has a significant impact on global tourism. By enabling artists to perform across various locations, these festivals create a unique travel incentive for cultural enthusiasts. This not only benefits the artists through increased exposure and audience engagement but also highlights the host cities as vibrant cultural hubs, attracting tourists and boosting local economies.

Participation in the Adelaide Fringe offers artists the opportunity to win a Tour Ready Award and subsequently boosts the appeal of participation to artists thinking of performing at Fringe. Offering a platform that not only showcases their talent but has the potential to integrate them into a global network of festivals. This recognition elevates their positions in the international arts scene, opening doors to further artistic collaborations and opportunities.

The collaboration among Fringe festivals is a powerful force for cultural enrichment and tourism. It elevates the status of artists, enhances the global appeal of the festivals, and fosters a sense of community and shared cultural experience. As we anticipate the remarkable contributions of our 2023 Tour Ready winners in the 2024 season, it’s also exciting to acknowledge the impact of their journeys on the Fringe festival network.