Statement from Adelaide Fringe

Sun, Feb 26 2023
Adelaide Fringe is on track to sell 1 million tickets.
It is perplexing to see that the main coverage of the Fringe in the Advertiser and Sunday Mail is negative and full of striking inaccuracies. 

We are not going to get into a tit for tat debate; we have Australia’s biggest and best arts festival to run and artists to support. 

The Fringe is currently experiencing record ticket sales.  The best way to support artists is to buy tickets, so please do get out and book shows! 
Our daily ticket sales are truly phenomenal; we are tracking 10% up on our biggest-ever year (2020) and Fringe is on target to sell 1 million tickets. Everyone out there can help us reach that 1 million ticket target by booking to see one more show than they usually do. 

We are very happy that the Advertiser will now start reviewing the 2023 Adelaide Fringe shows.