Science Takes Centre Stage: A Journey Through Science @ The Fringe

Tue, Jan 30 2024
Adelaide Fringe is just one big artistic experiment, so it’s only fitting we announce the launch of the 2024 Science @ The Fringe Guide! In partnership with Inspiring SA, we're on a mission to transform the way you see science, technology, engineering, maths, and medicine (STEMM). So, buckle up as we embark on an extraordinary journey to the heart of STEMM at the Adelaide Fringe!
Man wearing protective glasses and gloves holding a tin on a bench with dry ice blowing around the stage
The Alphabet of Awesome Science. Photo: Yash Shelatkar, Adelaide Fringe 2022 Fringe
At the core of Science @ The Fringe is a burning desire to connect South Australians with the electrifying world of STEMM. We’re not just talking textbooks and lectures – we're bringing science to life in ways that will make your heart race and your mind whirl! From the mysteries of the cosmos to the wonders of our own biology, the Adelaide Fringe is your ticket to a universe where STEMM is the star of the show.

Think of the Adelaide Fringe as a playground for your brain, where every show is a new opportunity to ignite your imagination and fuel your curiosity. We've combed through countless acts to bring you a selection that's not just entertaining but also packed with fascinating scientific insights. And don't worry, the team at Inspiring SA have made sure that each show on our list genuinely brings science into the spotlight.

Parents, do you want to see your kids' eyes light up with wonder? Kids, are you ready to embark on a STEMM adventure like no other? Our guide is designed to thrill audiences of all ages. Whether you're a budding young scientist or a seasoned explorer of the unknown, there's something at the Adelaide Fringe for everyone.

Imagine a show where you can travel through space, dive into the depths of the ocean, and explore the mysteries of the human body – all in one day! From awe-inspiring exhibitions to interactive workshops, the guide includes a variety of shows that will transport you to the edges of imagination and science.

One of our primary goals is to show you how STEMM impacts our daily lives. You'll discover the science behind the magic of everyday phenomena and understand how technology, engineering, and maths shape the world around us. These shows are more than just entertainment, they're a bridge connecting you to the incredible world of STEMM.

Attention teachers and educators, this one’s for you too! The Science @ The Fringe guide makes it easier than ever to stay on top of the most educational shows so you can offer your students a day of immersive learning that's bound to have an impact for years to come.

So, what are you waiting for? Adelaide Fringe is the perfect family destination for an exciting, educational, and entertaining experience. Let's celebrate the wonders of science together and inspire a new generation of thinkers, innovators, and dreamers. Join us at the Adelaide Fringe for a journey through science like you've never seen before!