Meet Volunteer Liz Cufone

Mon, Nov 14 2022
Thinking of becoming a Fringe volunteer? For some, it’s about being a part of one of the biggest art’s festivals in the world. For others, it’s about a sense of community, connection and belonging. But don’t take our word for it, hear it first hand from Fringe volunteer Liz who has been helping curate memorable experiences for Fringe-goers since 2017. Meet Liz Cufone
Meet Volunteer Liz Cufone

Meet Volunteer Liz Cufone

What made you decide to become a Fringe Vollie? 

After losing my job in a fairly traumatic manner, I initially signed up for my well being. I had looked into volunteering as a means of re-connecting with others and fostering a sense of community and belonging. 

How did volunteering with Adelaide Fringe meet these needs? 

Becoming a Fringe Vollie gave me a new sense of purpose. It helped me build new relationships and a sense of community with both the Fringe team and also with Fringe-goers. I truly believe it helped with my recuperation and gave me the confidence to reconnect with a community outside of work.  

What core Fringe values do you align with? 

For me, it is a sense of community and belonging. There was an immediate sense of comradery and belonging amongst the Fringe volunteers and also the wider Fringe organisation. Beyond that, there is also a sense of belonging amongst the Fringe-goers and the wonderful people we get to meet throughout the season. 

What has been your fondest memory during your time as a Fringe Vollie? 

My fondest memory of being a Fringe Vollie was two years ago when I was working at the Fringe Booth in Rundle Mall and was able to assist a Fringe-goer in booking a show that aligned with his needs. He was only in town for the day so after a nice conversation about his interests, we were able to book a ticket for him. He returned later in the afternoon to let me know that he had an amazing time and the full circle between an introduction, connecting a Fringe-goer to the right show, having them attend and return to let me know they loved it was a really nice feeling. 

Thank you to our Community Partner Lumo energy SA for continuing to empower friends of the Fringe by supporting our Volunteer Program.