Meet one of our Incredible Access Support Volunteers

Mon, May 17 2021
Each year, Adelaide Fringe is honoured to have many hard-working, passionate and positive South Australian volunteers join us in helping to make each Adelaide Fringe even better than the last!
fringe in the mall volunteers
We had an incredible group of 120 Adelaide Fringe volunteers, who fulfilled an impressive 1,841 hours for Fringe 2021.

Since 2019, Access Support Volunteers have been a key part of our volunteer program assisting us to become a more accessible festival.

Access Support Volunteers support patrons with access requirements at specific events and venues throughout Adelaide Fringe. They also attend unique, pre-season training sessions to ensure they have the knowledge and skills to help them successfully fulfil their roles.

Access Support Volunteers assisting a Tactile Tour at an Adelaide Fringe Opening Night event. Photo: Debra Tucker, 2019
You can find Access Support Volunteers, alongside Adelaide Fringe Core Volunteers and Volunteer Photographers, at many locations throughout the festival.

Hear from one of our amazing 2021 Fringe Access Support Volunteers
Nicole Crawford, Access Support Volunteer. 

Why did you volunteer with the Adelaide Fringe in 2021?

I volunteered with the Adelaide Fringe in 2021 for a couple of reasons. I like the idea of being involved with the Fringe - I always plan to make it to so many shows unfortunately  I don't make it to as many as I'd like to. So I thought volunteering would put me in a position to learn which shows I MUST go to.  

I work as a volunteer in other places and I know a small commitment from many people helps to make these and many other events work.  

I like to meet like-minded people. Also, I volunteered with a friend so that we could share some shows after our shifts together.

What do you love about volunteering at the Adelaide Fringe?

I have enjoyed volunteering at the Fringe because I feel part of it! I like to help other people - when I can - navigate the many offerings. As I'm an older volunteer, I think it's important for young and older people to see older faces enjoying the Fringe.

What’s the difference between a Volunteer and an Access Support Volunteer?

I have worked as both a volunteer and an access volunteer.  The difference between the two roles is an access volunteer is working with people that may need requirements - either because of the venue or the type of show - so an access volunteer can help a patrons to choose a show or venue that better suits their specific requirements. We also have had some training to be able to help sight or hearing impaired users if they are having some difficulties.

What’s your favourite Fringe volunteer memory?

Meeting Hans as a volunteer in my first year working with the Fringe is a stand-out as one of my favourite Fringe volunteering moments. I didn't really know anything about him before I had met him. He was so much fun to spruke the Fringe with.

For someone considering volunteering at the Adelaide Fringe in the future/next year, what would you recommend/say to them?

I would say to someone considering volunteering that it is very worthwhile. You get a great sense of achievement doing something for others. The Fringe team are always thanking the volunteers for their time. It’s not really onerous, it's fun, you get to learn where all the venues are so you can direct people. You get to learn about a lot of the shows. You meet some wonderful volunteers and you get to engage with the public in a fun and helpful environment.

Overall, 96% of Fringe Core and Access Volunteers that completed our post-festival survey rated their volunteering experience as a 4 (out of 5) or higher for 2021 - a great result! Familiar faces are also a common sight within the program with 65% of our Core and Access Volunteers this year made up of returning volunteers.
If you feel like joining these, and many other wonderful volunteers in the Adelaide Fringe volunteer program for 2022, sign up your expression of interest below. We look forward to Fringe-ing with you next year!