Meet our 2024 Ambassador - Prinnie Stevens

Mon, Dec 4 2023
Prinnie Stevens is one of our Ambassadors for the 2024 season. We sat down with her to find out more about her and why she is excited to be part of Fringe.
Artist, Prinnie Stevens, sitting in front of a window looking at the camera
Prinnie Stevens. Photo: Anastasia Comelli, Adelaide Fringe 2023

Tell us about your journey to performing and music? 

How long have you got??? Lol

I started out as a singer/dancer from a very young age. Had my first big break out of high school landing the understudy role of Mimi in RENT the musical, understudying the incredible Christine Anu. I went on to do many musicals and was even nominated for a Helpmann award. After the success of a 70s musical with “Kathy Sledge” from Sister Sledge (we are family & I'm thinking of you) - she took me back to America and put me in a girl group with her daughter and nieces where we were signed to SONY in New York City. After the girl group, I came back to Australia itching to go solo, and went on The Voice and that changed my life! Battling my best friend Mahalia Barnes (Jimmy Barnes' daughter) and being successful and getting down to the top 4 on Team Joel. My life changed forever from that moment. I went on to do Pop RnB music with Universal Music and then eventually found my way back to musical theatre, taking lead roles in The Bodyguard, HAIR the musical and even Thriller LIVE on the West End. More recently I have taken all of those influences and written my own show, 'Lady Sings The Blues', that combines all my talents and love for the women who have changed the face of music.

You’re a seasoned performer at Adelaide Fringe, what keeps you coming back? 

The thing that keeps me coming back is the capability to be able to produce shows that are unfiltered stories to the incredible Adelaide audiences who are spoilt for choice during the Fringe season. Adelaide is so electric during the Fringe and I love the hub of artists and performers, it's such an incredible sense of community. I have made some of my best friends right here at the Adelaide Fringe—Hugh Sheridan and Kween Kong to name a few.

As you prepare for the Adelaide Fringe, can you give us a hint about what your fans can expect from your show next year?

I'm coming back with 'Volume 2 of Lady Sings The Blues'. So we're bringing all the women we didn’t get time to explore during volume 1. During the first season, at the end of every show, I would have people telling me all the incredible women that had changed their lives that I was unable to fit into the cabaret 1 hr setting. But we're back! With more incredible women! Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, Nina Simone and so much more!!

As an ambassador for one of Australia’s most renowned arts festivals, what message do you hope to convey to both the artists participating and the audiences attending as a Fringe Ambassador? 

The biggest message I try to spread is that every voice matters. In a world with so much conflict at the moment, it is so important that we stop, and listen to each other in order to get past the things that have stopped us from growing in the past. Our role as artists is so important at times like this, because we have the opportunity to speak through music and change people and move people forever.

The Adelaide Fringe is a platform for both established and emerging artists. Based on your own experiences, what advice would you give to up-and-coming performers looking to make their mark in the arts world, especially in a dynamic festival environment like the Fringe?

I would encourage any budding performer or producer to be a part of the Adelaide Fringe festival and utilise all the infrastructure that has been placed before us. The logistics of budgets and seminars are all there to be utilised, I never knew I could produce shows! And now it has taken over my everyday life. The Fringe gave me the tools I needed to be able to cross over in a world that allowed me to not rely on someone else’s opinion of me. Take a leap of faith because every voice should be heard and every voice has something to say and you will change lives in the process.