Get to know Honey Pot delegate Tom Oliver

Thu, Feb 8 2024
Meet Honey Pot Delegate and artist Tom Oliver. Tom, who regularly appears on mainstream Television, Radio, Theatre and Social Media, has played lead roles in every Australian state, New Zealand, USA, Germany, Mexico, Asia and on international waters through the Bahamas. He's worked for and with industry legends like Marcia Hines & Kylie Minogue. Learn more about Tom and what Honey Pot is all about at Adelaide Fringe.
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Why Honey Pot? Why do you participate as an industry delegate?

Honey Pot is the Mothership of industry events for promoters and producers of entertainment in Australia. It is what it says in the title, a Honey Pot for people like me to find new artists and shows for my festival, as well as meet other delegates who I can collaborate with in the future. I have found everything from shows, to portable venues like Spiegeltents/ Marquees, to producing partners in other cities, and new networks at Adelaide Fringe as an Industry Delegate. It's the one time a year when a big majority of our industry colleagues can gather, catch up and learn from each other. 

Why do you keep returning back to Adelaide Fringe?

I think I keep coming back for a few reasons. Generally, the culture is really nice, the team at Honey Pot always makes you feel welcome and helps you achieve what you need to achieve while you're there. From a business perspective, I am the Australian agent for the UK duo 'Wright & Grainger' and they are presenting there to gain future opportunities in Australia. I'm also scouting talent for Wynnum Fringe Festival. We have just acquired a Spiegeltent so I'm also keen to try and get that booked in various festivals around the country. I also keep coming back because it's such a big event - it's got so many different things to experience all in the one city. Rather than lots of flights to various states to network and find shows. Wynnum Fringe (one of the events we produce) is a very similar event on a much much smaller scale. Adelaide Fringe, and more specifically its hubs, have become a mentor/something to look up to for Wynnum Fringe. 

Best experience and outcome you’ve had being a delegate at Adelaide Fringe?

So many to choose! It's hard to pick one. I think my favourite is being told by a fellow delegate that she's going to see this little show in a tiny venue (The Kingfisher in Gluttony) and did I want to go. It started in 10 minutes, it was the last show of the night and we were only going to make it if we jogged across Adelaide CBD. After a very last minute decision to check out Garry Starr's 'Greece Lighting', I then met with him the next morning and booked him for a week-long season at Wynnum Fringe in November of that year. I absolutely loved the show. The audience in Wynnum loved it too, it was the highlight of the Festival and it was only possible because of that last minute decision in Adelaide. Other notable experiences with positive outcomes were meeting the Head First Acrobats team, we now work with them every year at Wynnum Fringe - sometimes they bring their shows, sometimes they bring their venue and their shows. Mel and Colin at Wonderland Spiegeltent have now become good colleagues of mine after meeting at Adelaide Fringe 2022, I then hired their Spiegeltent for Wynnum 2023. 

Describe Adelaide Fringe in one word?


Word of advice you would give to someone who is thinking of being a delegate and taking part in Honey Pot?

Go on and do it! The beautiful thing is, you can get something out of it at any stage of your career. Early, mid and senior members of the industry go to Honey Pot and they all learn something from the other.