Get to know the 2023 Adelaide Fringe Poster Winner, Alana Naylor

Tue, Oct 18 2022
We had the pleasure of sitting down for a chat with the talented digital illustrator and lover of Adelaide Fringe, Alana Naylor.
2023 Adelaide Fringe Poster painted on bricks
2023 Fringe Poster artist, Alana Naylor.
Alana Naylor is a digital creative based in Cairns who has claimed the title of Adelaide Fringe Poster Competition winner for 2023 with her breathtaking artwork Fleurs de Fringe.

Initially from Adelaide, Alana holds a soft spot for Adelaide Fringe and has loved the festival for as long as she can remember. 

We had the pleasure of sitting down for a chat to hear more about her journey, why she submitted an entry to Fringe and what else she’s currently working on. 

What prompted you to submit an entry into the Adelaide Fringe Poster Competition? 

I’ve been following the Fringe poster competition since becoming a full time graphic designer. Each year I get the email and read the brief... Some years, it’s client work that gets in the way and prevents me from entering, some years I hit a creative brick wall - I have a number of half finished “Fringe Poster Comp” illustrator files lurking in my Google Drive haha. 

Can you talk us through your winning poster entry for Adelaide Fringe and the inspiration behind it? 

When I read the brief of “Sunshine After the Rain" I instantly had a sense of the feeling I wanted to convey with the poster; A gateway through which the vibrant, bold and kind of magical sense of the Fringe emerges. 

What are you currently working on as an artist? 

I’m a designer by trade, and run my own independent graphic design studio, Concrete Creative. Most days I'm working on branding projects or building websites for small business owners. 
It’s only been in recent years that I’ve begun exploring illustration (which I guess to me, is the more “artistic” side). I set up as a playground to explore and develop this more “artistic” side. I’ve been a little slack of late, but this poster comp was a great kick start to get back into regular illustration practice!

Have you always been an artist? 

Not at all! I didn’t pursue art at school, as I went down the maths / science route with the ambition of becoming a pilot… which I did, briefly haha. I graduated from UniSA with a degree in Civil Aviation and a Commercial Pilot’s Licence… but for reasons I still can’t entirely articulate, I just wasn’t happy. So I decided to go back to the drawing board (zero pun intended), and career counsel myself. 
After a bit of research, I discovered “Graphic Design” - which I never even knew was a thing. 

What does it mean to you to have your artwork as a major part of the branding for Australia's biggest arts festival in 2023? 

It’s surreal, insane, amazing, incredible, and just fills me with so much freaking joy!
It’s an absolute honour and a privilege, and I can only hope this artwork does its job; reflecting and compounding that distinctive “Fringe” feeling, and sparking a sense of energy, joy and wonder in all who cross its path!

The Adelaide Fringe team is beyond thrilled to have Alana join the family and can’t wait to see this artwork up on lights for the 2023 Fringe season. 

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