Fringe it LIVE Grants to Boost Local Live Music Scene

Fri, Feb 2 2024
Adelaide Fringe, in collaboration with the South Australian Government's Music Development Office, is thrilled to announce the successful recipients of the newly launched Fringe it LIVE Grants program. This initiative, which has seen an injection of $50,000 into the South Australian live music scene via Adelaide Fringe which is part of a broader commitment of $900,000 from the State Government, is specifically designed to bolster small to medium independent live music venues during the 2024 season of Adelaide Fringe.
People sitting in the audience looking at the stage, lit with purple lights, while someone plays live music
HATs Courthouse Cultural Centre. Image supplied
This groundbreaking funding program aligns with Adelaide Fringe's mission to support and amplify the local arts and music industry. The Fringe it LIVE Grants, providing up to $2,500 per venue, are targeted at owner-operated venues that are deeply invested in the development and staging of original live music. These grants have been distributed to a diverse range of independent music operators and event presenters, supporting venues and events that are integral to the vibrant cultural fabric of South Australia.

As part of the Fringe it LIVE Grants program, we are delighted to announce the allocation of 20 grants, benefiting an array of live music talent across South Australia. This includes a mix of 15 venues and 5 live music presenters, reflecting the diverse scope of our music scene. In a concerted effort to ensure statewide representation, 5 of these grants have been awarded to regional venues, while the remaining 15 are situated in the Adelaide CBD and Metro Area. Alongside the grants Adelaide Fringe will deliver a dedicated marketing campaign ensuring the grant recipients are connected to audiences across the Festival, including more than 92 events.

A key objective of the grant program is to foster increased participation from local live music venues in the Adelaide Fringe. This year's focus has been on encouraging venues and creatives who have not previously engaged with the festival, thereby expanding the festival's reach and diversity. This approach encourages local businesses to utilise the Fringe vehicle to access and develop new audiences. The grants also aims to address the growing challenges faced by the live music sector, ensuring its sustainability and continued vibrancy.

Adelaide Fringe and the Music Development Office extend their heartfelt thanks to all those who applied and congratulate the grant recipients. The generous funding provided by the South Australian Government, through the Music Development Office has been pivotal in making these grants a reality. As a result, the 2024 Adelaide Fringe is set to be a more inclusive and dynamic festival, showcasing a wide array of musical talents from across the state.

South Australian Minister for Arts, Andrea Michaels MP said:

“We know how challenging the past few years have been for our live music industry and the Malinauskas Government is continuing to support our incredible local venues and musicians.
We are investing nearly $1 million to bring more live music to the state through new grants designed to draw more people to our hotels, bars, clubs and venues as well as create employment opportunities for musicians.
The Fringe it LIVE Grants will help bring more live music to South Australia during Adelaide Fringe from the CBD to the suburbs and regions and I encourage everyone to get out there and show their support.”

Adelaide Fringe continues to be a leader in promoting and nurturing the arts, and the Fringe it LIVE Grants are a testament to this commitment. We invite everyone to come and experience the enriched live music scene at the Adelaide Fringe 2024. Let's celebrate the power of live music and the vibrant community that makes it possible, and show your support by purchasing tickets to Live Music this Fringe.

You can access a full list of the Fringe it LIVE Grant Recipients here.