Dynamic designers sought for 2018 Adelaide Fringe Poster

Wed, Apr 12 2017
The 2018 Adelaide Fringe Poster Design Competition is now open!
The Adelaide Fringe Poster Competition is as iconic as the festival itself.

Each year since the birth of the festival, the Adelaide Fringe hero image has been a poster competition entry, with previous winners including artists such as Bronwyn Platten, Vytas Serelis, Driller Jet Armstrong, Sue Ninham, Michael Atchison, Pro Hart, Jonathon Oxlade and Jennifer Rimbault.

So once again creatives, artists and graphic designers from all over Australia and across the globe are being invited to submit their ideas for the 2018 Adelaide Fringe.

From beginners with a unique concept to graphic design gurus and amazing visual artists,
Adelaide Fringe is on the lookout for a dramatic and engaging image to represent the festival.

Adelaide Fringe Director and CEO Heather Croall said the panel of judges would be looking for entries that demonstrated creative flair and offered a powerful symbol for next year’s festival.  

“We’re looking for a poster that aligns with our values – something that represents the playful, inclusive and cheeky spirit of the Adelaide Fringe,” Ms Croall said.

“The design is used as the cover of the Fringe Guide and is plastered across Adelaide in the lead-up to the festival, so it needs to be something really special.”

The Adelaide Fringe the biggest arts festival in Australia and continues to grow each year with help from a passionate community of artists and audiences. In 2018, the Fringe turns 58 and the opening weekend will align with Lunar New Year cultural celebrations. It’s going to be a right royal party.

Along with a $2000 cash prize, the winning designer will be offered free registration if they would like to stage an event or exhibition at next year’s Fringe, and their work will join the ranks of other iconic Fringe posters that have made their mark on the festival’s history. 

Ms Croall said the poster competition had proved to be a career spring-board for previous winning artists and designers since its inception.
The competition is now open and entries must be submitted by May 16 at 5pm ACST. The winning poster design will be revealed to the public later this year.