Celebrating Inclusion at Work Week: The Adelaide Fringe Perspective

Fri, Oct 27 2023
Inclusion – a word that resonates with us deeply at Adelaide Fringe. As we join organisations and communities worldwide in marking Inclusion at Work Week commencing Monday 6 November, we’re shedding light on what inclusion means to us and how it’s woven into the very fabric of our festival.
Group of women dancing on stage wearing colourful dresses
Recuerdos. Photo: Razan Fakhouri, 2023.

A Mosaic of Stories and Backgrounds

At the heart of Adelaide Fringe is a tapestry of diverse stories, talents, and backgrounds. We are an open-access festival, which means anyone can participate and it’s what has caused Fringe to grow to the scale it is today as Australia’s biggest arts festival. This philosophy inherently promotes inclusion by ensuring that everyone, irrespective of their background, abilities, or resources, has an equal opportunity to showcase their talent and voice their stories. From global art forms to performances that challenge traditional narratives, our festival thrives on diversity.

Inclusion is More than Just Participation

Inclusion at Adelaide Fringe doesn’t stop at participation. We understand that for many artists and patrons, accessibility can be a barrier. That’s why we've worked diligently to provide venues that cater to different accessibility needs and offer support for artists who might face challenges in sharing their craft. From sensory-friendly performances to ensuring ease of access to our venues, we're constantly evolving to make the festival experience inclusive for everyone. We can’t wait to share the new inclusion initiatives we’ve incorporated into the 2024 season of Adelaide Fringe and look forward to receiving ongoing feedback in this space.

Our Commitment Beyond the Festival

Inclusion at Work Week reminds us that fostering a culture of inclusion shouldn’t be limited to a week-long initiative or even the duration of a festival. At Adelaide Fringe, our commitment extends beyond the festival season. We continually engage with diverse communities, artists, and stakeholders to understand how we can be better and more inclusive. Through workshops, consultations, advisory committees, and open forums, we ensure that our practices, both on and off the festival stage, champion diversity and inclusivity.

Inclusion Within Our Walls: Adelaide Fringe as a Workplace

While Adelaide Fringe itself acts as a beacon for diverse talents and voices, it's imperative for us to ensure that our internal environment mirrors this ethos. Adelaide Fringe, as a workplace, champions a culture where every team member, from our event planners to our administrative staff, feels valued, understood, and empowered. We strive to create a workplace that is a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and experiences. Regular training sessions on inclusivity, open discussions about unconscious biases, and policies that promote equal opportunities, are all integral parts of our workplace blueprint. We believe that the best ideas emerge when diverse minds collaborate. It's not just about ticking a box for us; it’s about fostering a work environment where everyone genuinely belongs and thrives.

Join Us in the Journey

This Inclusion at Work Week, we invite other organisations, artists, and our cherished Fringe-goers to join us on this journey.

Engage in conversations, challenge existing norms, and strive for a workplace and community that welcomes and celebrates everyone.

To find out more about our inclusivity initiatives or to join us in making Adelaide Fringe an epitome of diversity and inclusion, visit the Accessibility at Fringe page.