Adelaide Fringe Triumphs Again

Tue, Mar 26 2024
Adelaide Fringe, Australia’s biggest arts festival, has once again surpassed expectations, breaking previous records with a staggering 1,040,305 tickets sold in its 2024 iteration. The festival attracted over 4.6 million attendances, signaling a monumental success for the state of South Australia and its ‘destination’ arts scene.
Two Zirque La La performers on a stage with red lights behind them. They dance in an embrace.
Zirque La La. Photo: Razan Fakhouri, Adelaide Fringe 2024
This year’s Fringe saw a significant boost in tourism, with 58,000 tourists flocking to the city and state, each purchasing tickets to an average of 6 shows. This contributed to a remarkable 33% of total ticket sales, highlighting the festival's growing appeal to interstate and overseas culture seekers. The influx of tourists also had a positive impact on local accommodation providers, with hotel room bookings increasing by 8% compared to last year. Furthermore, hotel guests are staying longer, underscoring the festival's role in boosting the local tourism and hospitality sectors.
Director and CEO of Adelaide Fringe, Heather Croall AM said “This year's Fringe was an amazing edition, showcasing one of the strongest and most diverse programs we have ever seen at Fringe. The audiences came out in droves and cemented our title of 'The People's Festival'. The community spirit at Fringe is strong and is firmly established in the grass roots up model of the festival. We are thrilled with the record-breaking ticket sales and attendance numbers, which reflect the extraordinary hard work of our artists, venues, and the entire team. The increase in tourism, longer hotel stays, and overall economic impact are testament to the festival's significant contribution to the state and its economy. This is not to say that the season was easy, there were many challenges and the results across Fringe have been very varied.”
“The rising costs of building and presenting shows hit hard and while in many cases relying on Box Office alone to cover costs is proving to be a real challenge. It is one we will work on. We look forward to presenting the economic impact from Fringe in the not too distant future and identifying what is needed to ensure Fringe thrives in the future”, said Heather.
The festival's ticket sales saw an overall increase of 3.9% compared to the previous year, indicating a growing appetite for arts and culture in Adelaide and beyond. This year’s success is a clear indicator of the festival's vital role in the cultural and economic fabric of South Australia.
Ticket sales across the season were fluctuating between 8% and 10% above the previous year's sales until the second last weekend of the event when the intense heat wave saw ticket sales drop dramatically to just 4.5% above the previous year, with the final ticket numbers closing at 3.9% up on 2024.
Adelaide Fringe's ticket sales and attendance data is corroborated by external data provided by the Adelaide Economic Development Agency from insights collected across the five week Fringe period. This data offers an objective perspective on the scale of participation and engagement of Adelaide Fringe as a result of activity in the city of Adelaide.
The Adelaide Economic Development Agency data also shows a strong increase in spending across the CBD from the second half of February well ahead of 'Mad March'.
Further analysis of the Adelaide Fringe’s impact on the state and its economy will be conducted in the coming weeks. The detailed findings are eagerly anticipated, as they will provide deeper insights into the festival’s substantial contribution and impact on the state of South Australia.