Adelaide Fringe Donation Day

Fri, Mar 3 2023
On Wednesday 1 March 2023, Adelaide Fringe held its first ever Donation Day. The first $20,000 in donations received in that 24 hour period were matched dollar-for-dollar by Lumo Energy SA and Novatech Creative Event Technology.
Gold backdrop with white words that read donation day.
Adelaide Fringe set the ambitious goal of fundraising $40,000 for the Adelaide Fringe Foundation, which is the philanthropic arm of Adelaide Fringe, where every dollar raised goes towards helping artists to present their work, to buy tickets for communities who experience disadvantage and to make Fringe experiences as welcoming and accessible as possible. 

Donations were received throughout the day, with members of the public rallying around the cause and helping Fringe edge towards their goal.

Director and CEO of Adelaide Fringe, Heather Croall said “It’s truly humbling to see how much the community values the Adelaide Fringe Foundation for the work it does. The money raised from donation day helps remove barriers to the arts and within the arts. Thanks to everyone for their generosity on Donation Day.” 

Just before midnight, Adelaide Fringe hit their goal of raising $40,000 and raised a total of $41,412.

Donations have continued to roll in after Donation Day with the awareness of the campaign resonating with so many lovers of Adelaide Fringe. 

Those who would like to support the Adelaide Fringe Foundation can donate at, where they can also enquire about becoming a member of the Adelaide Fringe Donor Circle or leaving a gift in will should they like to offer ongoing support to Adelaide Fringe and The Adelaide Fringe Donors Circle. 

You can purchase tickets to Adelaide Fringe at