Insights from a University of Adelaide Alumna & Artist

Thu, May 25 2023
To celebrate the partnership between Adelaide Fringe and the University of Adelaide, the Insights from an Alumna & Artist Blog Series sets out to explore the connection between university and the arts, and the role higher education plays in a vibrant creative industry. University of Adelaide Alumna and Adelaide Fringe artist Amelie Peters provides great insight into topics such as how studying at the University of Adelaide contributed to her career as a Fringe artist, the future of Adelaide’s arts scene, making history amongst the global arts and cultural industry, and more. Join us for this 6-part series, with a new blog each fortnight.
A singer stands on a stage with a microphone in her hand. She has pink lights shining onto her face.
Retail Therapy. Photo: Carl Vester 2023
Hi! My name is Amelie and I’m an Adelaide based vocalist, songwriter, producer, project manager and vocal coach. If you’re currently reading this, I suspect you may be considering a career in the field that we all know and love, the ✨arts ✨ To get this right, let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start… 

It all began when I was a kid, I never stopped singing around the house and it was my LIFE. Nothing in the world made me feel the way that singing did. I’d stay up late watching YouTube videos of vocally ambitious singers in awe and curiosity as to how I could do what they did with their instrument. When I was 17, a scholarship gave me access to my first proper private vocal lesson which changed my life more than I could have ever comprehended. As I got to year 12, Mum and Dad lovingly told me to be ‘realistic’ and think about what’s going to put food on the table at the end of the day. Whilst this advice was coming from a place of love (albeit fear driven love), I’ve always had the character trait where if someone says I can’t do something, I like to prove them wrong and show them I absolutely can. This mindset does not apply in all contexts but in this instance, it was so valid!

My journey has involved astronomical highs that have made me feel so on top of the world it was like experiencing real life magic! Science likes to call it dopamine and adrenaline. But there are consequences that come with highs as big as those, the bigger the jump, the further the fall so don’t be fooled, these highs have been accompanied by some Earth-shattering lows. The one thing that has always remained constant are my feelings towards singing. Whether it’s vocal coaching an aspiring artist, singing professionally, writing an original cabaret, debuting a new show at Adelaide Fringe, or belting some Whitney Houston in the car, my voice has always been by my side come rain or shine. 

One of my biggest inspirations is the one and only, Kirsty Roberts. I have been privileged enough to call this exceptional human my boss, mentor, vocal coach, and friend. I met Kirsty when I was 17 for vocal lessons in year 12, then shadowed her during my studies at The University of Adelaide and now work for her business full-time and I count my lucky stars each day! In addition to Kirsty’s extensive list of qualifications, achievements, and accolades, she is one of the most selfless and kind human beings this world has to offer. I would not be the mentor, vocalist or human that I am today without her generosity, patience, and belief. 

During my final year of study at The University of Adelaide, a friend of mine sent me a job advert from Gumtree looking for a jazz singer at the Adelaide Fringe. From this post, there was a coffee meeting, followed by a live audition at the The University of Adelaide’s Schultz building, leading to a Nation-wide tour and ending with an invite to perform at the New York City Soho Playhouse. Since then, I’ve performed with the State Opera of South Australia, co-produced multiple seasons at the Adelaide Convention Centre, vocal coached hundreds of South Australian artists, and debuted my cabaret ‘Retail Reality’ at the world-renowned Adelaide Fringe venue, Gluttony. None of these achievements would have ever happened without hard work, resilience, a solid support network, community, passion, and a bit of luck! As for right now? I have some VERY exciting plans, but I can’t share those details with you just yet… watch what happens, we might just make history!