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With Great Power: The Wall-Crawling Cabaret - Digital illustration of a red webbed glove making "the shocker" hand sign, with index, ring, and pinky fingers extended. Next to the art is graphic comic book inspired text reading "WITH GREAT POWER: The Wall-Crawling Cabaret". The background is blue with a white web motif in one corner.

With Great Power: The Wall-Crawling Cabaret

Our friendly neighbourhood striptease is enough to make you THWIP!

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Standing ovation
Standing ovation
13 March 2024 - Dakota B.
I'm biased because I love Spidey, but this show was truly incredible. The performers encompass their characters with charisma and charm, and the storyline engages the audience in a way that encourages participation to choose an 'ending'. The varied talents of the performers (ranging dance, to side show, to drag, to burlesque) was super impressive. 10/10 would see again.
10 March 2024 - Carmel G.
Loved every second of this show I couldn’t get enough. This show is done in true Marvel style (IFYKYK) and is sexy, hilarious and leaves you with a bit of a what the?
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