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Wankernomics 2.0 – As Per My Last Email - Wankernomics consultants James Schloeffel and Charles Firth, looking like absolute wankers.

Wankernomics 2.0 – As Per My Last Email

An all-new show about navigating workplace hell. ★★★★★ Exquisite (Weekend Notes)

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21 February 2024 - Cynthia B.
Fantastic show and hilarious to those who have worked in any office environment. Well done to the consulting team.
22 February 2024 - Andrew G.
The sequel to the funniest political satire show I've ever seen at the Fringe, this hilarious update may be even better. Presented as a faux university lecture, the show aims to teach everyone how to be... well, a wanker. What entails is a vicious and hilarious mockery of Australian politics, capitalism, but especially corporate culture. Just be warned that you may not like it when you find out what people really mean when they say "as per my last email."
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