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Sam King: Tricks and MORE Stuff - Sam King: Tricks and More

Sam King: Tricks and MORE Stuff

An Absurd and Unpredictable Close-Up Magic Show!

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  • ROFL 7
  • Hidden Gem 2
  • Mind-blowing 2
  • Standing ovation 4
  • Bang for your buck 1
20 February 2024 - Ale L.
An unique experience. We went in to this not knowing what to expect - an intimate close-up magic show with some laughs. What we got was a non-stop roller coaster of a story so funny and mesmerising, there were times I forgot to applaud the tricks. Magic done close enough to reach out and touch. Hilarious to the point that my cheeks were aching for hours afterwards. Sam has really put together a wonderful show, an unforgettable experience, and is truly a master of misdirection.
Standing ovation
Standing ovation
20 February 2024 - Matt T.
Stunning magic show, unlike anything else at the Fringe. Intimate, and beautiful - with a wonderful narrative you don't usually get from close-up magic performances. Highly recommended.
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