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Mythos: Ragnarok - Odin and Loki fight.

Mythos: Ragnarok

Viking myths performed by wrestlers! Comedy, chaos and combat - and the only show of its kind.

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  • Hidden Gem 2
  • Mind-blowing 6
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  • Bang for your buck 4
Hidden Gem
Hidden Gem
19 February 2024 - Jesse D.
I've never been to a wrestling show and I don't know much about Norse Mythology, but this show was a blast and I'm hungry for more of both! I hadn't seen anything like it before, but go along prepared to gasp, cheer and boo for your favourite gods and possibly shift your allegiances before the night is over. Highly recommend for something new and fun.
Bang for your buck
Bang for your buck
19 February 2024 - Justine V.
Amazing show, amazing performers, Norse Mythology and professional wrestling, what is not to love? Physical, funny, educational and entertaining.
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