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Fruition - A woman with red hair and orange-red lipstick stares at the camera in a sultry way, while orange juice pours towards her.


A juicy explosion of silly and surreal comedy all about fruit

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15 March 2024 - Elizabeth P.
Hilarious, ridiculous and fruity! Fruition is a late night delight. One minute you’re contemplating your navel (oranges), the next minute you’re witnessing a fruit salad of clowning, storytelling, physical comedy, dance and a very messy, citrus showstopper of a finale. See it for your daily vitamin C intake and some very big laughs.
16 March 2024 - Steyn F.
Who know fruit could be so saucy! Lovely earnest clowning work by Cherese. Great production, I want to touch a jellyfish!
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