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Bettongs & Buddies - SA & NT What's on 4 Kids "Best Kids Live Show" award winning play of 'Bettongs & Buddies' starring Rufous, a young Bettong, male actor Curtis Shipley, and other Australian bush animals like a Quoll, Gigi Pinwill. 
Join young bettong, Rufous, a wannabe violinist, on his hilarious journey through the bush where he encounters other native animals who teach him, and the audience, what it means to be a critical member of his ecosystem. Each new animal friend Rufous meets on his adventure gives him a gift which, when put together at the end of the show, forms one very special surprise that will strike a chord!

Bettongs & Buddies

Interactive kids theatre featuring Rufous Bettong following his dream to become a violinist.

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08 March 2024 - Liam M.
Equal part educational and equal parts hilarious! An earnest well meaning story packed with love for South Australia's smallest creatures, underlined by a suitably talented cast!
Standing ovation
Standing ovation
07 March 2024 - Stefanie R.
The kids have laughed and learned so much. Great for the whole family. Very funny! Amazing show!
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