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Barry Potter and the Magic of Wizardry - Bespectacled robed wizard with look of flabbergasted incredulity in front of an impressive castle on a hill at night.

Barry Potter and the Magic of Wizardry

Real live wizard magic, in a realm of messenger owls, robed wizards, and flying broomsticks!

Audience Reacts

  • Hidden Gem 2
  • Mind-blowing 1
  • Bang for your buck 1
Hidden Gem
Hidden Gem
23 February 2024 - Kelly R.
Extremely funny and on in a great intimate venue
Bang for your buck
Bang for your buck
14 March 2024 - Conrad H.
This was a fun, Hogwarts-themed magic show, aimed at adults and children of all ages. Some sleight of hand, some mentalist tricks, with a major how-on-earth conclusion.
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