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    Bird / Song - Soprano Kate MacFarlane and recorder player Brendan O'Donnell

    Bird / Song

    Standing ovation
    Standing ovation
    11 March 2023 - Kathy R.
    Absolutely delightful - gorgeous sounds, fabulous choice of repertoire, highlighted the very best of the recorder. Brendan O'Donnell and Kate Macfarlane make for a powerful duo of voice and recorder. Blown away by the beauty of this show.
    ABORIGINAL COMEDY ALLSTARS - ABORIGINAL COMEDY ALLSTARS in large font text (bold black outlined with thin yellow border) spread on a diagonal over the top of the map of Australia which is painted with Aboriginal artwork (swirls of brown over a bold red).


    11 March 2023 - Kelly T.
    This was a great line-up - my sides hurt from laughing!! Something for everyone.
    The Culture - Two performers upside down on a grey couch.

    The Culture

    Emotional roller-coaster
    Emotional roller-coaster
    11 March 2023 - Kimberly W.
    What an amazingly powerful story of everlasting friendship, through the struggles of domestic violence and toxic relationships. Was emotional, however incredibly powerful and thoroughly enjoyed.
    Reuben Kaye - Live And Intimidating - Reuben Kaye in a sheer black shirt with his hands over his head

    Reuben Kaye - Live And Intimidating

    Standing ovation
    Standing ovation
    11 March 2023 - Mari V.
    What a performer, outrageous, controversial, very funny. Reuben Kaye looks like he’s having the time of his life on stage and he makes sure we do too. A fab hour spent in his company last night, he had us eating out of his hand - he insults us, serenades us and ultimately entertains us. Brilliant!
    History of House - History of House

    History of House

    Standing ovation
    Standing ovation
    11 March 2023 - Mari V.
    absolutely fantastic show. Danced all night. Soweto Gospel Choir didn’t sing a single gospel song, so don’t expect that. They looked like they were having the best time singing, dancing, and whipping up the audience to sing and dance along, with an awesome DJ’d music score.
    Werewolves - The Werewolves games master in top hat and fur coat points his walking cane at the screen and standing behind him leering over his shoulder is a huge werewolf.


    Bang for your buck
    Bang for your buck
    11 March 2023 - Kim S.
    This was so much fun! Great entertainment and interactive. Would go again!
    Jeromaia Detto: MUSH - A distorted face is surrounded by small doodles of an airplane, figurine, lightbulb, Eiffel tower and stick figure.

    Jeromaia Detto: MUSH

    10 March 2023 - sylvia b.
    Really funny guy , audience participation at it's best, would definitely see this again 🙂☺️
    Party Girl - A woman in a flower crown and fairy wings, with smudged dark makeup, looks at the camera while smoking a cigarette

    Party Girl

    Emotional roller-coaster
    Emotional roller-coaster
    10 March 2023 - sylvia b.
    Amazing performance, funny, sad , emotional. A story that so many can relate to. Loved every minute of it.🎉🎂 Fairy sprinkles ✨💫 brilliant
    SHIT-WRECKED! - Two women mounted on an inflatable shark toy float on the beach. They are smizing in to the camera in a sultry way, have wet hair and are wearing pink and yellow bikinis.


    09 March 2023 - Mikayla B.
    Honestly such a good time. Did not stop laughing!!!!!
    Innes Lloyd: Journey to the Centre of the Earth - Two rather dapper men dress resplendently in intricately designed waistcoats stand together with a confident, dignified posture ready for comedy and adventure.

    Innes Lloyd: Journey to the Centre of the Earth

    Bang for your buck
    Bang for your buck
    09 March 2023 - John W.
    Venue made it even funnier. Loved the adlibs 👍
    VELVET REWIRED - A love letter to disco! 'Velvet Rewired' is sharp, bright, and funky. Marcia Hines and the brilliant cast shine brightly in this thrilling circus extravaganza.


    Bang for your buck
    Bang for your buck
    08 March 2023 - Amy I.
    This is a big, flashy show that lives up to the hype! Marcia Hines was definitely the crowd favourite, but there’s plenty of other quality talent in the show. So much energy, great music and polished and varied acts.
    Paul Dabek Presents - London Calling - Event image

    Paul Dabek Presents - London Calling

    Standing ovation
    Standing ovation
    08 March 2023 - Amy I.
    London Calling features a group of super talented performers with diverse talents - aerial acrobatics, magic, contortion, puppetry, the list goes on. It’s a polished show, full of funny moments and highly recommend!