The University of Adelaide
07 Mar 2022
One of the funniest and most outlandish things I’ve seen during this year’s Fringe.
What's On In Adelaide
06 Mar 2022
Need a good laugh at the expense of our politicians? Then this is the show for you.
The Thursday Edition of Festival City, Radio Adelaide
26 Feb 2022
George Glass always seeks to scratch the underbelly of money, politics and religion. ScoMo’s Sunday Service is a very deep scratch.
26 Feb 2022
Like a parody with a very large dose of satire, not to mention a big slab of comedy, oh and a lot of politics? Then here’s the show for you.
On The Record
21 Feb 2022
The show’s haphazard nature is part of its delight
Glam Adelaide
19 Feb 2022
The script was clever and very, very funny