Fresh 92.7
15 Mar 2021
Its a brutally candid and straight-faced moment from the rarely serious standup, but it hits all the more powerfully because of this.
10 Mar 2021
This is political satire at its most biting
Fringe Review UK
10 Mar 2021
Be prepared to laugh until your ribs hurt!
The AU Review
08 Mar 2021
Chaotic fun at its finest
Adelaide Theatre Guide
08 Mar 2021
His voice is strong, his wit is sharp, and he seems to be enjoying himself more than ever.
08 Mar 2021
five stars because it does exactly what it says then goes above and beyond
Upside Adelaide
06 Mar 2021
McDermott weaves his magic and breathes life into our new normal, mesmerising and delighting the audience with his brilliance.
The Adelaide Show Podcast
06 Mar 2021
McDermott hits the escape valve for all of us, deflating the tension [of] feeling helplessly trapped in a world of fake news and spin.
Glam Adelaide
05 Mar 2021
Laughter is good for the soul and my soul feels really good now, well worth a visit.
The Clothesline
04 Mar 2021
New songs, written in lockdown, and deal with themes of isolation and mortality. Sounds grim, but nothing could be further from the truth!