Reviewed by: Adelaide Theatre Guide
Review by Lance Jones | 19 February 2022

Every March during The Fringe, Adelaide is treated to a wonderful choice of theatrical delights that can either entertain or educate. It is however a rare treat when a show does both. Millicent Sarre’s original production of “Opinionated” is one of these rare gems that enlivens our hearts and enlightens our minds. It is a show not to be missed.

Adelaide is fortunate that Millicent calls our city “home”, as we get to see her every year at The Fringe. Her performance is indisputably world class, and she would be equally at home on a West End or Broadway stage as she obviously is in a tent in the Adelaide Parklands. Her singing voice is wonderful, her musicianship is soulful, her message thoughtful and her narratives unashamedly challenging. Yet, we should not forget funny either. Mim’s comedic take on some issues will make you laugh your guts out!

The World Premiere of “Opinionated” started with just Mim and a piano delivering a soulful blues number that, like every other number in the show, was an original piece. Albeit somewhat “preaching to the choir” at times, her loyal fans present at the opening night World Premiere cheered and whooped at her wonderfully personable nature and familiar themes expressed in song. Her alter-ego “Kev” made a short appearance, stereotyping toxic masculinity at its most cringeworthy. We all know a “Kev” or two and the audience laughed, as indeed they should, even though Mim is clear that stereotyping of some other groups is a definite no-go zone.

Mim is a very clever entertainer. She has demonstrated this in her previous offerings. Her engaging personality combined with her sheer talent draws the audience into the experience. Once she has them “hooked” she delivers the thoughtful array of take-home points. No spoilers as to what the messages are, but it is very well received by her now completely enthralled audience. Almost textbook in delivery, Mim nails it, getting more whoops and cheers from her adoring fans. 

It is beautiful to watch such a pro at her craft.