Reviewed by: Fresh 92.7 FM
Review by Wayde Richardson | 15 March 2021

I grew up with Lano & Woodley being everywhere. TV, radio, comedy shows. They have become somewhat comedic royalty in Australia. So it was with great excitement I went to see their fringe show this year.

From the very beginning they were ON! They had a hiatus of 12 years but seeing them back together, it was like two friends. No matter the time passed, they looked liked they’d never taken a break. A well oiled machine, with each knowing the other in a way only best friends do.

The show was a mix of the planned routine, with some observation of the audience thrown in for good measure.

This was a great example of some perfectly executed jokes and humour. Whilst not cutting edge (I recognised many of the jokes/routines) – Lano & Woodley didn’t disappoint. They showed that they could tell a joke you’d heard before, and make you laugh like it was the first time.

They reminded us of how to laugh, after a pandemic year where there hadn’t been much to laugh about. This was comic therapy at it’s best. For an hour, I literally forget everything else that was going on, and became immersed in laughter. Leaving with a sore belly and cheeks. The laughter was non-stop.

As a musician, I have respect for anyone who can play and write songs. Adding humour to it, is next level. Woodley handled it like the seasoned professional he clearly is.

If you’re looking for cutting edge comedy, this show may not be your cup of tea. But if you’re looking for masters of comedy doing some classic material in their own signature style, be prepared to laugh… a lot!