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Recycle that, would see again
Recycle that, would see again
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Recycle that, would see again
“Recycle that, would see again”
Jennifer Trijo's show "Someday" will leave you feeling uplifted! Something we all need at this time. This show is so good, thought-provoking and a very unique experience. Thank you Jen, Jakub, Loretta and Amber for taking us on a wonderful, inspiring and magical journey. Highly recommended. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Reviewed by GilRon C.
25 February 2021
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Reviewed by: The Adelaide Show Podcast
Review by Ekkia Evans | 21 February 2021

Dreams and life goals can sometimes be seen as events that occur one-day in the distant future, something that you want to achieve but put off as it’s not the right time. Someday by Filipino-Australian artist Jennifer Trijo aims to break this line of thinking with motivational and inspirational original music, and discussions of positive psychology, philosophy, and neuroscience.

With an intriguing combination of a cabaret performance and a motivational TED talk, Jennifer pulls off the shows aim with passion. Showcasing ways to achieve a positive mindset and gain motivation for your goals in between each original song’s performance.

Jennifer commands a powerful stage presence while seeming very real and down to earth. She dazzles the audience with her beautifully strong voice, displaying an incredible range over the hour-long show, as well as playing a few instruments. Her groovy tunes hold a range of inspiration from Alicia Keys and Jason Mraz, to Stevie Wonder and Sting, to Opera and Beethoven and a few more in between.

This unique uplifting pop music will have you bopping your head along and wishing you could dance. While it also encourages mindfully looking inwards at yourself and taking steps to achieve your dreams and stop procrastinating. Jennifer explains the background and inspirations behind some of her music, as well as what she hopes the audience will take away from it, with the title song Someday being the most prevalent.

She is also joined by her band, which includes emerging artist Amber Fibrosi on vocals and the keyboard, who delivered wonderful harmonies, Loretta De Palma on the violin, and Jakub Gaudasinski on the electric cello, bass guitar and keyboard. All of which performed incredibly throughout the show.

For anyone who appreciates local Australian music this show is a must watch, same goes for anyone who needs a confidence boost and inspiration to accomplish their personal goals.

Jennifer leaves the audience with a final message of motivation, “Start now, find something that means something to you, and go get it”. After all you are the author of your life story, so don’t procrastinate and miss out on this amazing performance.