Reviewed by: The Upside News
Review by Daisy Sumersford | 12 March 2021

Joy, Joyous joy!

A complete Fringe facilitated antidote to the pandemic blues! Unfortunately/ fortunately, this year, we’ve been able to start revisiting all The Arts have to offer with live music, comedy, dance and theatre on the slow return (COVID-19 restrictions permitting).

Fortunately: We are incredibly luckily to be one of the few States let alone Countries around the globe that can galivant and enjoy something like The Adelaide Fringe Festival. We can take a stroll through The Garden (of Unearthly Delights) and go and enjoy ‘the shows!’

Unfortunately: Things have been a little bit odd this year? There is a notable surrealness to the return of live performance and something has not felt quite right! Many of the Comedian’s circulating the Fringe Scene this year have been a little bit off their game. Not to name names…

Lano and Woodley in their self-titled show Lano and Woodley were a welcomed delight bringing their unique, stylised brand of comedy in abundance as well a comforting sense of nostalgia to the stage!

Col and Frank (and not the other way around) deliver an eminently warm comedy special packed full of new and fun ways for Frank to annoy the musical numbers right out Col – to the audience’s amusement.

Col and Frank’s comedic chemistry and ability to bounce off one another are seemingly all the ingredients required to carry this show through a pandemic! Entertaining and charming from start to finish.

Colin Lane and Frank Woodley have an unprecedented ability to create something out of nothing with their skill to jocose about (and around) the most trivial and unsuspecting of things.

Whether it be a roll of gaffer tape, a table from Bunnings or a place no one knows at a time neither can remember – Lano and Woodley will make you laugh in absurdity.

There is really nothing negative you can say about these two coming back together and doing their thing other than wondering what we might’ve missed out on during those twelve years apart…

My favourite show from this year’s Adelaide Fringe Festival. Highly recommend.

5 Stars